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A drop in a very, very deep sea

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Nef Deep Sea Fish Toni_LlobetI just produced six illustrations to put “a face” (quite ugly in some cases, let’s face it!) to some over-exploited deep sea fish species, treated in a report by the New Economics Foundation (NEF), written by Aniol Esteban and Griffin Carpenter.

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The report identifies which are the EU countries supporting fishing quotas that in some cases double (!) the Total Allowable Catch recommended by scientists. And the winners are… Spain, France and Portugal!

The fight of NEF and many conservation organizations to halt overfishing is a hugely important and difficult one: short-term economic interests of industrial fisheries –backed by EU Ministers- are far more powerful than the long-term benefits –in terms of jobs, support to coastal communities and ecological- of a sustainable fishery.

My graphic contribution to this individual report is just a drop in this inmensely deep and wide fight, but they say every drop counts!