From the Mediterranean sea to the Pyrenees: a new guide, new drawings!

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From the bottom of the sea to the highest peaks! In light of the favourable reviews of the guide to the flora and fauna of the Mediterranean written with Kike Ballesteros a couple of years ago, at Brau Edicions we have now decided to publish a guide to the Pyrenees — in six languages!!

This new guide describes over 800 species of plant and animal – as well as fungi, lichens and mosses – found throughout the Pyrenees, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, from the humid north face to the scarp slopes of the southern-most pre-Pyrenean cliffs. David Guixé, multifaceted biologist and naturalist from the Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia in Solsona has written the texts, chosen the species and acted as the coordinator of all the contributors that have provided expert advice for each group of flora and fauna, both from the Spanish and the French side, where the guide will be published by Biotope Éditions.


The time spent on my part of the work, as – alas! – so often happens, was spent more in front of a computer screen than in the field, and I only left my study to go up to the Pyrenees to photograph landscapes for the habitat panoramas. However, I have had to illustrate 225 new species, often varieties and subspecies found only in the Pyrenees, which has involved far more hours of meticulous work than I had planned for — as always, my enthusiasm for a new exciting project got the better of me!


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